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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just For Fun

I quickly just wanted to share some more lovely photos of my favorite model wearing her hair fashions.
 Above, was the first Large Fleur we did because my Daughter absolutely loved the red and white pattern and I do like to oblige her requests on occasion (all the time). It was perfect for the Fourth of July! 

Each year, we make a Calendar for our closest Family Members. This was a quick little impromptu photo shoot I did with the kids. For  a girl that hates to have her picture taken, I do on occasion get a great shot of her! Fabulous!

This time around, I do plan to incorporate more photos of my little one wearing her bows and I do hope you all enjoy them and that it helps to see the bows on a girl of small stature to better know size and proportion. There is a method to my madness most of the time, most of the time. Please give some feedback, do you like some of the changes? Is there something you would like to see more of? Ideas to coordinate with an outfit? I am open to new ideas too, send them to My bow skills are wide, please pick my brain!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thankfully, New Designs!

As some of you may have known, I had to temporarily shut down this blog. Today, I am happy to announce our coming back!! Our little family has survived a tough time with layoff, but finally now that my Husband once again has a full-time job, I can now also resume my hobby. Thank you all for your kind words and understanding. I too now have kept my promise of resuming hair clips, bows and other beautiful hair accessories. With that said, this time around, I won't make a bunch of bows, flowers, clips, bands or facinators for selling. I will post pictures of what I made of my daughter and if you see anything that catches your eye or if you simply just have a request, please e-mail me at I will do this in the beginning just to feel things out and see what is popular rather than doing everything. Ok, thank you everyone and I hope to hear from you soon! Now for pictures of some of the new things I have worked on for my daughter's Fall/Winter wardrobe.
 Above my lovely daughter is modeling, the Large Fleur in Burnt Orange with a stunning jewel in the center!
This stunning flower can either be attached with an alligator clip or a bobby pin, by request.

See above for description.

My favorite color yet, Large Fleur in Autumn Gold.
By request, alligator clip or bobby pin.

 Large Fleur in Purple Plum also with a stunning light catching jewel in the center. My daughter receives many compliments with these flowers.
Also by request, alligator clip or bobby pin.

Large Fleur in Red/White Pattern.
By request, alligator clip or bobby pin.

 Triple Stack Hair Bow, Fun with Leopard.
Brand New Design!
This is a style that I have noticed is quickly becoming popular. My daughter has received the most compliments on this bow. It catches the eye of every Grandma, Mom and Teacher that walk by and is also a favorite of my Daughter's.
By request, alligator clip or french barrette.

Triple Stack Hair Bow, Christmas Mod
Brand New Design!
This is a fun Christmas hair bow I made to go with a grey sequin Christmas dress that we selected for my daughter in our Family Pictures. The bow really shined in our family photos! Its extra fun topped with Ostrich Feathers and two jingle bells. My daughter loves to shake her head to make them jingle. It is sure to dress up the holiday and add some cheer to the Holiday festivities.
By request, alligator clip or french barrette.

Hope everyone enjoys these as much as we have and I hope to receive many requests soon! Thank you for returning and keep checking in, as I have a couple more projects on my desk that I am working on.

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